History Department

Location: Room A-328A 
Department Chair: Prof. Keith Chu
Departmental Secretary: Mrs. Shailly Mahajan

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Learning Outcome Goals for Students in the History Program

Students who complete courses in the History Program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate, in both written and oral discussion, the ability to consider a diversity of viewpoints, construct and defend a thesis, and revise it effectively as new evidence demands.
  2. Read and comprehend a variety of primary and secondary sources, evaluate their perspective and bias, and contextualize them with appropriate detail. 
  3. Develop a methodological practice of identifying, gathering, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, interpreting, and citing historical evidence. 
  4. Narrate, in written or oral form, an event from the past in a way that recognizes different perspectives and multiple causation and rejects inevitability. 
  5. Recognize the important political, intellectual, social, and cultural forces that have shaped our past. 
  6. Identify examples of historical change and continuity over time and evaluate their historical significance. 
  7. Temper moral judgment in historical interpretation with an understanding of historical perspective and the significance of changing cultural context.   

Our Mission 

The mission of the department of history at Bergen Community College is to create a first-rate teaching and learning community where students acquire historical knowledge covering all periods and geographical concentrations. We seek to maintain high standards of civic engagement, instruction, and scholarship including investigating and interpreting primary and secondary historical sources by various methods. We affirm a commitment to help students develop an appreciation of history, both western and non-western, through an understanding of the past and its impact on the present. Recognizing that the discipline of history holds a central place in the liberal arts and general education curriculum, we wish to impart to students critical reading, analytical thinking, and effective writing skills which are essential for further study in all majors and success in a wide-range of careers. Equipped with this historical training students are better prepared to become productive and responsible citizens. The department strengths include courses in Western Civilization, United States History, European History, and Latin American History.

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