Wellness and Excercise Science
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Our Faculty

Chris Cioppa
Equipment Room AM
Office Location: G-017
Phone: 447-7967

Email: ccioppa@bergen.edu

Danielle Coppola-Oliveri
Professor/Fitness Club Advisor
Office Location: G-211
Phone: 493-3660

Email: dcoppola@bergen.edu

Doug Davis
Office Location: G-202 493-3535

Email: ddavis@bergen.edu

Bernard Fuersich
Department Chair
Office Location: G-204
Phone: 689-7054
Email: bfuersich@bergen.edu

Betty Highkal
Office Location: G-207
Phone: 447-7899

Email: bhighkal@bergen.edu

Compton Jenkins
Office Location: G-202
Phone: 447-7942

Email: cjenkins@bergen.edu

Peter Martin
Office Location: G-203
Phone: 612-5545
Email: pmartin@bergen.edu

Elaine Mostow
Office Location: G-211
Phone: 493-3537

Email: emostow@bergen.edu

Kathy Pignatelli
Office Location: G-208
Phone: 493-3536
Email: kpignatelli@bergen.edu

Wolfe, Paul 

Professor, Facilities Coordinator
Office Location: G-202
Phone: 447-7943
Email: pwolfe@bergen.edu