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Web Enhanced Education

Currently, the Radiologic Technology is not an online or distance education course of radiography education. Students enrolled in the program will experience face to face instruction, laboratory (hand on) experience and clinical education, where the student develops their professional technical skills under the supervision of licensed Technologists and Clinical Educators. The faculties advocate the use web enhancement and computer technology to offer our students a blended educational delivery system; face to face instruction, hands-on, the computer and clincial education.

Instructional Areas of Web Enhancement:

  • Lectures are uploaded
  • Pertinent web links
  • Student and faculty discussion board
  • With an “ask your instructor”
  • Computer based testing
  • Assignment drop box

Why Web Enhancement?

Web course enhancement provides an opportunity to develop self -regulation and autonomy in the learning process. In addition, ans most importantly, this method of delivery offers yet another avenue for the acquisition of a degree in the graduates endeavor for lifelong learning. This venue is ideal when students are challenged with economics, family and time constraints.

Computer Based Testing

The program uses computer technology to administer tests and examinations. Students are afforded opportunity to work with computer based testing before they are ready to take the radiography certification examination sponsored by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Using this mode, high quality images, diagrams and technical illustrations are uploaded and used in the development of items for assessment. Students take computer based tests on site in the presence of the course instructor.

Discussion Board, Announcements, and “Ask your Instructor”

These avenues provide communication and interaction amongst students and the course instructor.Students must thoughtfully develop an initial posting to the question being posed.They must respond to their classmate’s postings.The instructor reads and responds as well.

Clinical Education Courses

RAD 182, 282, 283, 286, 289 and 290 are web enhanced as well.Syllabi are uploaded.In RAD 283, the freshmen final examination is computer based and uploaded to this course.In RAD 280, the senior final examination is computer based and uploaded to this course.In the shell called Radiography Administration, all clinical education forms and modules are uploaded for faculty and student access.