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English Basic Skills

“I once had a student who struggled in my EBS class, but did enough to pass. He went on to earn a B in Writing 101 and a B+ in Writing 201. Whenever I saw him, he said that my class was his wake-up call. He realized how much he had to learn, how much work learning took, and dedicated himself to doing it.”
Professor Don Reilly, Chair, English Basic Skills Department


The mission of the Department of English Basic Skills is to prepare our students, with their diverse academic backgrounds, for the demands of college reading and writing, and to provide them with a challenging educational experience that enhances the critical thinking skills necessary for life-long learning.

Based upon the results of the English portion of the basic skills assessment and placement test, a student may be placed in one of four entry level English courses:

  • Developmental Skills I and Developmental Skills II (EBS 011 / 012)
  • English Skills (EBS 021)
  • Directed Studies in Writing and Composition II (EBS 033 & WRT 101, co-requisite course)
  • Directed Studies in Writing and Composition I (EBS 041 and WRT 101)
  • Composition I alone (WRT 101)

Students placed in Developmental Skills I and II or English Skills must enroll in their required course in their first semester at the college.  

Bergen Community College English Basic Language Faculty