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Program and Course Descriptions

AVT-100 Introduction to Aeronautics

This course is a study of the science, theory and practice of designing, building, and operating aircraft. Topics considered include: a brief history of the evolution of aviation and aircraft, basic aircraft design and flight controls, aircraft systems, navigation, air law, airport operations, and weather. Aeronautical decision-making, concept application, and practical applications will be stressed. [3 credits]

AVT-115 Aviation Meteorology

This course is a study of current aviation weather concepts and modeling as applied to the aviation industry. Topics considered include a brief history of the evolution of weather theory the impact of computer modeling systems, and advances in weather data collection. Weather systems concept application and practical aviation weather as used in an operational environment will be stressed. [1 credit]

AVT-240 Introduction to Aviation Safety

This course is a study of the developments in human factors, accident investigations, and risk management as applied to the aviation industry. The impact of automation systems and practical aircraft accident investigation will be studied. Familiarity with aviation safety regulations and best practices will be stressed. Students will gain factual and conceptual knowledge, which will help them conduct current and future aviation operations in a professional and safe manner. [3 credits] Prerequisite: AVT-100.

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