About Bergen College


Self Study Steering Committee
Yun K. Kim (Chair) VP of Institutional Effectiveness
Sony Tiwari (Chair) Performing Arts Faculty and Assessment Fellow
Phil Ciarco Trustee
Kieth Chu Faculty, History
Linda Emr Dean, Meadowlands Campus
Gail Fernandez Faculty, ALP, CIE Assessment Fellow
Linda Hall DHY
Tracy Miceli Event Planning
Sharyne Miller Executive Director, Information Technology Systems
Michael Redmond Faculty, Philosophy and Religion
Jennifer Reyes Student Affairs
Annmarie Roscello Faculty Development
Sandra Sroka Ciarco Learning Center
Andrew Tomko Faculty, Social Sciences
Larry Hlavenka Communication Lead
Tonia McKoy Data and Research Support
William Mullaney Final Editor
Gail Fernandez Final Editor
John Findura Final Editor
Ruth Ann Heck Logistical Support