The Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center

Student Affairs

Location: Room 115 Ciarco Learning Center

What we do

  • Work with the Dean of CLC in meeting the Mission and Goals of the Center
  • Support College Recruitment Activities
  • Help Transition the GED and ESL graduates to the college credit and non-degree credit courses
  • Provide Admissions and Registration Assistance for students taking College Credit Courses
  • Liaise with  Offices on the Main Campus to provide streamlined services to CLC Students
  • Plan  Student Life activities
  • Develop and run educational/informational workshops
  • Provide & support multicultural/diversity programs
  • Develop Community Partnerships that will provide information and resources to students
  • Provide resources and support to faculty and staff in their endeavors to promote student success

Who we are

  • Denise Liguori, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Monica Postle, Coordinator, Student Affairs

How to contact us

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  201.301.1708

For further information on the courses and services provided at the Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center, please click on the following link: