The Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center

High School Equivalency Prep Classes

About the High School Equivalency

The High School Equivalency tests provide adults who did not complete a formal high school program the opportunity to certify their attainment of high school-level academic knowledge and skills.  The test are field-tested and based on graduating high school seniors before becoming final tests.  Only 60 percent of graduating high school seniors pass the High School Equivalency test on their first attempt.   The earning gap between high school graduates and those who did not graduate is nearly $10,000 annually.


The High School Equivalency battery comprises five content area assessments:

  • ·         Language Arts, Reading
  • ·         Language Arts, Writing
  • ·         Mathematics
  • ·         Science
  • ·         Social Studies


The current test offered in Bergen County is the TASC test (Test Assessing Secondary Completion)


Important Facts and Figures

·         98 percent of colleges and universities that require a high school diploma accept the High School Equivalency credential (Annual Survey of Colleges 2007, Copyright 2007, The College Board)

·         96 percent of companies accept applicants with a High School Equivalency credential for jobs requiring a high school degree (Society for Human Resource Management, 2002)

·         More than 17 million people have earned a GED/High School Equivalency credential since 1943.


High School Equivalency Education and Services

The Ciarco Learning Center offers three (3) courses leading to the High School Equivalency Diploma.  Each course is designed to build upon skills learned in the previous class.  The courses are offered in a convenient format of 4 mornings or evenings per week, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Morning classes run from 9:00-11:45AM and evening classes run from 6:00-8:45PM.  Each session runs for approximately 7 and one half weeks, for a total of 75 hours for classroom instruction.  Class enrollment is limited to permit maximum participation by students and to provide immediate attention to student needs.


Famous GED Credential Recipients *

  • Angelia Jolie, Actor
  • Chris Rock, Comedian
  • Britney, Spears, Musician
  • Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s
  • Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Medal-winner
  • Honorable Greg Mathis, Us District Court Judge
  • Richard Carmona, Former US Surgeon General
  • Jim Florio, Former NJ Governor

*Information provided by the American Council on Education


High School Equivalency Course Descriptions

Academic Skills Refresher (AL 511).  This 75 hour course is designed to review the areas of reading, writing , and math and practice test-taking techniques.  All students will be assessed in reading, math and language before placement in this course.  Enrollment is limited to provide immediate and individualized attention to students.  Pre-requisite:  Placement Test


High School Equivalency (AL 531).   This 75 hour course is designed for students who want to achieve their High School Diploma and need a review of High School subjects (writing, social studies, science, literature, math, and essay writing), or who need assistance in test taking strategies.  All student will be assessed in reading, math, and language before placement in this course.  Course enrollment is limited to provide immediate and individualized attention to students.  Pre-Requisite:  Academic Skills course or Placement Test.


Math for High School and Beyond (AL 530).  This 37 1/2 – hour  course is designed to teach student basic mathematical skills and to prepare them for successive intermediate and advanced levels of instruction.  All students will be assessed in math before placement in this class.  Course enrollment is limited to provide immediate and individualized attention to students.


For more information or to register for a course call (201)489 1551