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Strategic Planning

A formal strategic planning process was first initiated in the fall of 2004 by then President Judith K. Winn. This process uses environmental scanning and SWOT (strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to develop a set of strategic priorities (goals) and corresponding tactical objectives (sub-goals). The first strategic plan developed through this process was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2005 and guided the college through 2009. A second Strategic Plan, Engaged for Excellence: 2010-2013, was adopted by the Board in December 2009. For both of these initiatives a college-wide Strategic Planning Committee was formed and the college community was encouraged to participate in the process through venues such as open forums and focus groups. During the spring of 2011 the College reviewed the Strategic Plan, reworded the main goals to better reflect Bergen’s Vision and Mission statements, and revised the tactical objectives.

As part of its mission, the Center for Institutional Effectiveness has the responsibility to:

  • facilitate and coordinate strategic planning activities on campus
  • ensure that the College’s Strategic Plan is regularly updated and that its recommendations are put into action
  • track the progress of plans
  • produce appropriate reports
  • develop appropriate college processes to ensure that operational and tactical plans are developed in light of strategic objectives

The College has embarked upon writing a new strategic plan and I invite you to participate in plotting Bergen’s course as we steer the institution toward 2020 and beyond.

Bergen Community College has been selected for participation in Achieving the Dream beginning in June, 2015.

Achieving the Dream Acceptance Letter to BCC January 2015 PDF