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Learning Assessment Committee

In May 2011 the Faculty Senate established a new standing committee, the Learning Assessment Committee (LAC). The charge of this committee is defined in the Faculty Constitution, Section 5.11 as follows:

“The Learning Assessment Committee provides faculty guidance and oversight on the processes for assessing student learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional levels, and considers and advises on college-wide policy and best practices in learning assessment.”

The chair of the committee is the Vice President of Assessment, with each academic department having four or more members it is entitled to elect a representative to this committee. Departments having less than four members will caucus as prescribed in the Faculty Constitution to elect a representative.

Mission and Statement on Assessment

The Learning Assessment Committee of Bergen Community College Faculty Senate considers outcomes assessment an integral part of the educational mission of Bergen Community College. Participation by department members and administrative units is strongly recommended. In pursuit of this mission, it is expected that each academic and administrative unit take responsibility and ownership of assessment activities within its unit.

2015-2016 Membership

  • Gail Fernandez, Co-Chair/Assessment Fellow
  • Bill Madden, Information Technology, Computer Science 
  • Cesarins Vinas, World Languages
  • Denise Avrutik, Dental Hygiene
  • Elena Tartaglia, Biology and Horticulture
  • Francis Schmidt, Visual Arts
  • Frank Ramdayal, Physical Science
  • Ilan Ehrlich, History and Geography
  • Jane Phelps, Communications
  • Jennifer Lyden, Philosophy and Religion
  • Joan Dalrymple, Library
  • Lawrence Joel, Legal and Related Studies
  • Lenore Lerer, Mathematics - College Level
  • Lisa Picht, Health Professions
  • Maria Fressola, Nursing
  • Mary Crosby, English Basic Skills
  • Maureen Ellis Davis, Social Sciences
  • Peter Martin, Wellness and Exercise Science
  • Robert Freud, American Language Program and ALP Speech
  • Robert Fusco, Developmental Mathematics
  • Seamus Gibbons, Composition/Literature
  • Sony Tiwari, Performing Arts
  • Vincent Benanti, Industrial Design and Technology 

Agendas and Minutes