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Learning Assessment Committee

​In May 2011 the Faculty Senate established a new standing committee, the Learning Assessment Committee (LAC). The charge of this committee is defined in the Faculty Constitution, Section 5.11 as follows:

“The Learning Assessment Committee provides faculty guidance and oversight on the processes for assessing student learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional levels, and considers and advises on college-wide policy and best practices in learning assessment.”

The chair of the committee is Vice President of Assessment Each academic department having four or more members is entitled to elect a representative to this committee. Departments having less than four members will caucus as prescribed in the Faculty Constitution to elect a representative.


2013-2014 Membership

  • Annemarie Roscello, Library
  • Bill Madden, ​Information Technology, Computer Science 
  • Denise Avrutik, ​Dental Hygiene
  • Francis Schmidt, Visual Arts
  • Frank Ramdayal, ​Physical Science
  • ​Ilan Ehrlich, ​History and Geography
  • Jane Phelps, ​Communications
  • ​Jennifer Lyden, ​Philosophy and Religion
  • Judy Fitzpatrick, ​Biology and Horticulture
  • ​Larry Joel, ​Legal and Related Studies
  • Lenore Lerer, Mathematics - College Level
  • ​Lisa Picht, ​Health Professions
  • ​Maria Kasparova, American Language Program, ALP Speech
  • ​Maureen Ellis Davis, Social Sciences
  • ​Micheline Farhat, ​Criminal Justice
  • Pam Haji, English Basic Skills
  • Peter Martin, Wellness and Exercise Science
  • ​Robert Fusco, ​Developmental Mathematics
  • Robert Walljasper, Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality
  • ​Seamus Gibbons, Composition/Literature
  • Sony Tiwari, Performing Arts
  • ​Tiziana Quattrone, ​World Languages
  • Vincent Benanti, Industrial Design and Technology 


Agendas and Minutes