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Academic Assessment Liaisons


Each of the 33 academic departments is entitled to an assessment liaison.  The responsibilities of the academic assessment liaisons are:

  • In cooperation with the Academic Department Chair and Dean, to coordinate a departmental or program assessment plan(s).
  • To coordinate with the designated CIE Fellow of The Center for Institutional Effectiveness (CIE) on the implementation of the assessment plan(s).
  • To participate in assessment workshops sponsored the CIE and Faculty Development.
  • To assist the department in completing the relevant assessment documentation. Academic assessment liaisons are offered compensation for carrying out these responsibilities.  This compensation is described in the Assessment Liaison Administrative Assignment Form PDF​.

The academic assessment liaisons for the 2013-2014 academic year are:

  • Amy Ceconi, Respiratory Therapy
  • April Adams, ALP Speech
  • Bill Madden, Information Technology
  • Bob Highley, Biology and Horticulture
  • Camelia Manuela Lataianu, Social Sciences
  • Carol Chovanec, Radiation Therapy
  • Ethan Greenbaum, Visual Arts
  • Florence McGovern, Business, Accounting and Finance
  • Fran Ruff, Education - CDC
  • Harriet Terodemos, Veterinary Technology
  • Iris Bucchino, English Basic Skills
  • Jane Phelps, Communications
  • Jim Bumgardner, Performing Arts
  • Joanna Campbell, Dental Hygiene
  • Joseph Mamatz, Radiography
  • Kathy Pignatelli, Wellness Exercise Science
  • Larry Joel, Legal and Related Studies
  • Lenore Lerer, Mathematics - College Level
  • Linda Yurkin, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Maria Fressola, Nursing
  • Maria Kasparova, American Language Program
  • Marie McCrary, Physical Science
  • Mary Senor, Surgical Technology
  • Matt King, Industrial Design and Technology
  • Mecheline Farhat, Criminal Justice
  • Melanie Walker, Developmental Math
  • Robert Walljasper, Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality
  • Sarah Shurts, History and Geography
  • Seamus Gibbons, Composition/Literature
  • Steven Toth, Medical Office Assistant
  • Tiziana Quattrone, World Languages
  • Tobyn DeMarco, Philosophy and Religion
  • Yun David Wang, Computer Science