Center for Institutional Effectiveness

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AES Assessment Plans and Reports

The assessment of Administrative and Educational Support Units (AES) is a systematic process that examines college processes and services. This process ultimately establishes direction for improving institutional quality and building a solid reputation.

Each AES department that participates in administrative unit assessment does so by following the Assessment Report Form below. This form is updated periodically to suit the needs of the current Assessment Report cycle. The form was last updated in February 2015.

AES Assessment Report BLANK Form (February 2015)

This page lists the Exemplary AES Assessment Reports from the last few years. Guided by the Summative Rating Rubric for the Outcomes Assessment Report, the review team focuses on overall strengths and weaknesses of reported assessment activities; congruency and integrity of assessment methodologies; and evidence of meaningful departmental dialogue around assessment results. In doing so, the team is able to identify exemplary assessment reports that can be shared with the Bergen community. To view AES Assessment Reports from previous cycles go to the Past AES Assessment Reports page.

Exemplary AES Assessment Reports