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Academic Affairs Deans

Bergen Community College maintains academic excellence through the guidance and oversight of its deans, who assist in developing curriculum, managing courses and advising students.

Each of Bergen’s academic programs is led by a divisional dean. Click on each for more information.

Susan Callahan Barnard
Dean, Health Professions
Email:  sbarnard@bergen.edu

Unassigned:  Dean, Humanities

Annemarie Roscello
Dean, Library Services

Christine Gillespie
Dean, Division of Continuing Education, Corporate and Public Sector Training.
Email: cgillespie@bergen.edu

Linda Emr
Dean, BCC at the Meadowlands-Lyndhurst
Email: lemr@bergen.edu

Sandra Sroka
Dean, Ciarco Learning Center-Hackensack
Email: ssroka@bergen.edu

P.J. Ricatto
Dean, Mathematics, Science, & Technology
Email: pjricatto@bergen.edu

Carmen L. Martínez-López, Ph.D

Dean, Business, Arts, & Social Science 
Email: cmartinez-lopez@bergen.edu