Board of Trustees Committee Assignments

Bergen Community College - Board of Trustees Committee Assignments

Audit, Finance and Legal Affairs                            Staff

Dorothy Blakeslee, Chairman                                 Victor Anaya

James Demetrakis

Germaine Ortiz

Anthony Miller                                                         Legal Counsel

                                                                                  DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole, LLP.

Dr. B. Kaye Walter                                                  Judy A. Verrone, Esq.


Board of School Estimate

E. Carter Corriston

Dorothy Blakeslee, Alternate

Dr. Jo-Anne Mecca, Alternate


Education and Student Affairs                                 Staff

Dr. Jo-Anne Mecca, Chairman                                 Dr. William Mullaney

Dorothy Blakeslee                                                    Dr. Naydeen Gonzalez-De Jesus

Irene Oujo

Norah Peck

Lorraine Derwin - Alumni Trustee

Dr. B. Kaye Walter


Personnel                                                             Staff

                                                                                 Patti Bonomolo

Philip Ciarco                                                         Jim Miller

E. Carter Corriston

James Demetrakis                                                Legal Counsel

Anthony Miller                                                       DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole, LLP.

Dr. B. Kaye Walter                                                Judy A. Verrone, Esq.


Site and Facilities                                                  Staff

Michael Neglia, Chairman                                      William Corcoran

Dorothy Blakeslee                                                  Robert Coane

James Demetrakis                                                 Samuel John

Dr. B. Kaye Walter                                         

                                                                              Legal Counsel

                                                                              DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole, LLP.

                                                                              Judy A. Verrano, Esq.


Strategic Planning and Issues                                   Staff

Philip Ciarco, Chairman                                             Dr. Yun Kim

Dr. Jo-Anne Mecca

Irene Oujo

Dr. B. Kaye Walter          


Board of Chosen Freeholders

E. Carter Corriston, Liaison


Foundations, Grants and Endowments

Philip Ciarco, Liaison

Dr. B. Kaye Walter


New Jersey Council of County Colleges

Anthony Miller, Liaison


Board of Trustees Officers

E. Carter Corriston, Esq., Chairman

Philip J. Ciarco, III, Vice-Chairman

Germaine Ortiz, Secretary

Dorothy Blakeslee, Treasurer

*      The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board and the College President are Ex-officio members of each committee.

  April, 2016