Present Perfect Exercise

Directions: Write the correct form of the present perfect for each verb given in parentheses. If there is an adverb, it is included after the verb.

  1. Mark (grow) three inches in the last six months!

  2. My dog (bury) many bones in the backyard.

  3. Teresa and Anne (talk) to their landlord many times about the broken light fixture in their kitchen.

  4. Unfortunately, he (fix, still, not) it.

  5. I (visit) New York City many times.

  6. Elizabeth (catch) three colds this winter.

  7. Because of this, she (go, not) skiing since December.

  8. Tom (decide) to join a health club.

  9. Rita (write, not) a letter to Paul since the beginning of the semester.

  10. Paul wonders why Rita (answer, not) his letters.

  11. He thinks that she (forget) him.

  12. However, this is not true. She (be) very busy studying and working, and she will write to him when she gets a chance.

Written by the tutors and staff of the English Language Resource Center at Bergen Community College, NJ