Exercise 1: Put the verbs in the parenthesis in the correct form.

        Mary and Sam go to the same school. Like everyday, now they (wait) for the bus. The bus is late. Sam (show) Mary his homework. The bus is here. They (get) on the bus. It is not crowded. They (sit) behind the driver; Sam takes the window seat. They get to school. Now they (get) off the bus. Mary is a year younger than Sam. She (go) to her class, Sam to his. In the class, Samís friends (talk) about the new cartoon they watched on television the night before. They all love cartoons. The teacher comes in. Today she (talk) about addition and subtraction. Maryís teacher (talk) about reading.

        After school, they take the bus and go home. Then their mother gives them a snack. Sam (eat) vanilla ice cream, and Mary (have) a chocolate cookie.

Exercise 2: Put the words in the parentheses in the correct form. Some of these sentences are negatives or yes/no questions.

  1. (The teacher, explain) the present continuous to the class now?
  2. (The patient, fill) out a form at the hospital.
  3. (Sue, take, not) a test on the present continuous tense.
  4. Did you hear that? I think (the baby cry) .
  5. (Tom, write, not) his research paper.
  6. (Janeís husband, take) a trip to Tokyo?
  7. I know you want to carry everything quickly, but (this box, get) heavier and heavier.
  8. (I, check, not) the oil in my car now because the carís engine is too hot. I will check it later when the engine is cold.
  9. Bob lost a lot of money in the stock market, so (he, drive, not) his dream car. He is very sad.
  10. (My secretary copy) the forms for you.
  11. (I, listen) to music on my new CD player.
  12. (He, fill) up his room with garbage?
  13. (She, clean) her room because (her friend, come) from Boston to visit her.
  14. (She, swim, not) right now because the lifeguards wonít let anyone go in the water.
  15. (I, help) my father to fix the roof.

Written by the tutors and staff of the English Language Resource Center at Bergen Community College, NJ