Parts of Speech Exercise

Label the parts of speech for the bold words in the following sentences.

  1. He finished his homework.

  2. Sean is working at the computer.

  3. What are the eight parts of speech ?

  4. Will you help me move tomorrow?

  5. She has been sick for three days.

  6. There have been two enormous snowstorms this winter.

  7. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman announced that they are getting separated.

  8. She is getting married next year.

  9. The computer is having technical problems.

  10. I like steak, but she doesnít eat meat.

  11. Help! My computer just crashed.

  12. He sauntered proudly across the stage.

  13. Although he didnít want to go to class, he knew he had to go.

  14. John never puts sugar in his coffee.

Written by the tutors and staff of the English Language Resource Center at Bergen Community College, NJ