Gerunds and Infinitives

Type the correct form of the verb.

1. I can't afford (pay) for a new car.
2. He is so impatient that he can't wait (speak) .
3. Speech class will give you practice (speak) in front of people.
4. I expect (finish) this by three o'clock.
5. They are preparing (eat) dinner.
6. Bernadette dislikes (cook) .
7. They refuse (take) money from their wives.
8. I want (quit) the baseball team.
9. Doctors recommend (drink) lots of water after exercising.
10. Pete just decided (look) for a job.
11. They seemed (enjoy) the play.
12. Harry detests (write) long papers.
13. John can't afford (buy) a new car.
14. My parents suggested (wait) two weeks before I made my final decision.
15. Sarah expected (win) the competition.
16. They demanded (be) seated.
17. Martha considered (call) her ex-boyfriend.
18. Billy promised (eat) all of his spinach.
19. Louise finished (run) at 6:00.
20. They pretended (enjoy) the music.