Academic Vocabulary Exercise

Choose the correct words to complete the paragraph.

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      What do many Americans want to in life? Is it belonging to a closely knit community? Is it themselves in accordance with what most religions define as moral principles? Or is it being able to the "toys" that our society are to leading a life, reaching the financial deemed to living the good life in America? But trying to the goods that are sought after by millions of is having many negative effects, both on the individual, America, and the entire world. We are all part of a complex ecological web in which resources of the earth must support the of the various of the world. The of the needed for the world's population to lead lives can only be accomplished through conservation and in new technologies that do not depend on the earth's non-renewable resources. ways must change. of remaining resources must be made. And the in human endeavors must shift from those which use up and throw away of production to those which are based on the re-use and re-cycling of our precious Otherwise every of life on earth, human and non-human, will be irreparably .

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The vocabulary for this exercise was taken from the academic word list.
Written by Heloise Ruskin, Retired Professor & ELRC Professional Tutor



Created July 2008